Community and resources for young people in science and tech.

We're a community of engineers, researchers, and builders interested in science and tech.

Ambitious is creating a space for exceptional young people to collaborate on projects, have conversations, make friends, and build a competitive advantage. We believe investing in these people early will have compounding returns over the long run, pushing science and technology forward.



We host a Discord server for community members to hang out and chat about whatever they're interested in. Topics range from AI to healthcare, music, and beyond.


Weekly Brew

On Sundays, we invite an interesting guest for a private interview and AMA session. Community members compile questions throughout the week, and can ask their own questions directly during Q&A.



We source opportunities and resources to help members get a leg up in their careers and on their projects. This could be a key mentor or cloud hosting credits - whatever you need.


Alan Kay

Alan is a distinguished computer scientist. He won the 2003 A.M. Turing award for his contributions to the field, including his work on object-oriented programming, the window-based GUI, and the language Smalltalk. Alan worked at Xerox PARC in the 1970s, where he developed networked workstations (later commercialized by Apple) and the Dynabook concept, which drove development of the laptop, tablet, and e-book.

Erik Torenberg
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